Manufacturers of JTAG hardware

Written by Ian on Sunday 14/01/07

Until recently, Mission Technologies had it's own line of JTAG programmers (we still have a couple of hundred parts in stock if you want them cheap...), but due to staff movements and time constraints we 'slimmed down'. So where should you turn to buy your JTAG hardware now?

Here is a list of some of the big names:

  • Nohau would probably top any list here. Their products are excellent, reliable, rugged and well designed. However they are costly.
  • XJtag is another one. In my opinion they win the award for the best looking products!
  • Rowley seem to have a good JTAG product, and have been first off the mark in supporting new ARM-based processors
  • Even better... a free project to support a profusion of JTAGs! This is the OpenJTAG wiki page,
    stuffed full of information

Remember though there are plenty of smaller names out there - some are an order of magnitude cheaper than the big companies with just as good service... so get on Google and have a look what's out there before you automatically go with the biggest.