Very Simple Content Management System.

Written by Tom on Thursday 11/01/07

The school that am I working at has a web site with static pages. The problem with this is it takes a little bit of knowledge and effort to update and up load these pages. The person generating the information does not have the skill to do this. So I thought there must be a better way.

Here is the solution. Use a template for the web page outline and store the content in a simple text file. Each page has a password protected edit link. The editContent.php form displays the content (from the content file) as seen on the webpage and a text box for the user to add HTML tags, I have even added a minimal help for the absolute novice. This is not an original idea, it is a practical solution to a real problem.

I included a couple of pages in the download so there is a complete working solution.
The password is hard coded in the checkPassword.php file.

Download it from here.