ARM books.

Written by Tom on Tuesday 28/11/06

We've been using some of these books for a long time - they come recommended. You can click on
the links to access the site (and even buy online):

ARM System-on Chip Architecture by S. Furber (one of the original inventors of the ARM).

This book is a great introduction to the ARM and ARM-powered processors as well as an excellent reference for modern application-specific microprocessors. Great information on JTAG too!

Computers as Components (Principles of Embedded Computer Design) by Wayne Wolf.

Written by one of the modern expert authors on embedded computer systems, a regular contributor to the IEEE Computer Magazine and so on. This really is a great book on computer architecture in general and embedded systems in particular. Really well written, informative and an enjoyable read.

Structured Computer Organization (4th edition) by Andrew Tanenbaum.

Written by the inventor of the MINIX operating system, and an extremely prolific author of high-quality computer-related books, this has to be the most accessible and readable computer architecture books, describing the entire range of computers from mainframes through desktops to tiny embedded systems. A good read.